Who we are


Local Patchwork & Supplies

Officially opened in 2016, Lyn Jelle Crafts is a family business in Emu Park dedicated to bringing you all the patchwork supplies and décor items you need. Although our Emu Park store opened in 2016, the history of Lyn Jelle Crafts goes back much further.
Patchwork Quilts — Lyn Jelle Crafts in Emu Park, QLD

The Story Behind Lyn Jelle Crafts

More than 30 years ago, Janelle Boto started acting on her passion for sewing. With all four of her children out of the house, she had all the time in the world to follow her passion. Janelle and her sister-in-law Lynette began spending weekends at the local markets and sewing throughout the week. Together, they decided to start Lyn Jelle Crafts.

In the beginning, they were providing sewing classes and selling at markets. As time passed, Janelle moved into a home in Wowan and was finally able to start a sewing shop in the building next door to her new home. She provided sewing lessons to local women, offering quilting and sewing services.

In 2015, Janelle’s second daughter Loretta moved to Emu Park and saw an opportunity for a local crafting shop. She joined with her mother, and together they opened the existing Emu Park Lyn Jelle Crafts shop in 2016. Janelle and Loretta, along with Loretta’s two young boys, work together to provide exceptional, friendly service to everyone who enters.
Local group — Lyn Jelle Crafts in Emu Park, QLD

Local Focus

Our passion for creativity is shared by many, in and around Emu Park. We produce our handcrafted treasures for the homes of the people we meet.

As a small family business, we appreciate the amazing support we receive from both our local community and their visitors and guests.

Our shop is a treasure trove of handmade products—labours of love that include home décor, gifts, furniture and other handmade items that will make your home feel even more like home.

Stop in and see the amazing creativity and craft-works here. If you're shopping for a gift for that special someone, you'll find unique and rewarding surprises here.